Cosmojazz Festival: a major rendez vous in Chamonix


In just three years, the Cosmojazz Festival became one of the landmarks of the musical landscape. The initial idea came out from André Manoukian’s mind, a famous artist. The Cosmojazz celebrates the rich, varied, or even "cosmic" music. All in the midst of extraordinary landscapes that invites contemplation.

The 2013edition: exceptional experience

The festival lasts over eight days, from July the 27th to August the 4th for three moments:

  • Concerts in altitude: take place during the day. Breathtaking landscapes for an unforgettable experience. Each of the set fits the artist’s universe. You’ll have to pay for access by cable car or lifts, but the concerts are free.
  • Aperitif Jazz: from 6pm, concerts will take place in the city’s cafes and in the city center.
  • Cosmo Jam: you can attend concerts from 9pm in the pubs

Most of the musicians will stay in Chamonix during the Festival. The spectators can be surprised by "impromptu speeches" According to artists’ inspiration.

The Auberge du Manor hosts a local group, “les désaccordés”

Dans le cadre de ce festival, l’Auberge du Manoir accueillera les Désaccordés.

During the festival, the Auberge du Manoir will host a band called “les désaccordés”. Les désaccordés is a band of original and lively compositions as well as personal interpretation of great gipsy jazz masterpieces and other music pieces. The band is a mix of Arabic-Andalusian, gipsy and tsigane music. An original and borderless music was born from the fusion of those music genres and blows a guitar touch throughout the whole of Europe and the Mediterranean area!

The band members are:

  • Samy Dib, lead guitar
  • Cyril Zardé, violin
  • Alexandre Saintives, rhythmic guitar
  • Nicolas Penz, double bass
  • Benjamin Riggi, drums and percussions

Discover “les désaccordés” 

‘Experience an extraordinary human adventure, discover amazing landscapes, breathtaking trackling shots, cosmic sounds, with the highest concerts in Europe’ André Manoukian.

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