How Kurumi the stuffed dog,traveled halfway around the world to find his friend.


During her stay at the hotel, Koyuki, -a 6-year-old Japanese little girl, becomes best friend with the house dog. A real dog, this one. In appreciation for her stay, and since she was so nice, we gave her a stuffed dog as a souvenir of Chamonix. She loved the toy, and they became inseparable. But on the day of her departure, Koyuki inadvertently left the dog behind. Her parents called us from Paris, on the way back to Japan : she was very sad and was missing Kurumi vey much. We captured the dog (the fluffy one), and were going to send it back, but thought that it would be really cool if it had a little adventure first… We thought about it, called a few friends (of which a helicopter pilot), and asked them to take some pictures of the toy in beautiful places. And they did. And actually, the pictures quite surpassed expectations… Then we thought the dog could maybe write a letter or two… And all of this became a really nice, poetic and magical story for a kid in Japan. ..Which is exactly what we expect people to live when they stay here in Chamonix.

A story starting in Chamonix Mont-Blanc…

Kurumi the traveling dog, will first start by looking around Chamonix to try and find his friend. Between the woods, the lakes and the mountains, there are many extraordinary places to explore...

…ending up in Japan.

After a long trip around the mountains and Paris, will Kurumi have enough strength to go all the way to Japan and find his friend again?