Accommodation in Chamonix, France: how to find the best place to stay for your ski trip.


Accommodation in Chamonix, France: what to choose?

Finding the right accommodation in Chamonix will depend on your program and on your budget. If you plan to stay with your entire family for more than 10 days, a good option would be to find a chalet or an apartment to rent in Chamonix city center or Argentiere (both options would be really close to ski slopes and give you really convenient access). On the other hand, for shorter stays and worry-free accommodation, hotels or bed-and-breakfast remain the main choice.

Accommodation in Chamonix: what price?

HSome of the smallest apartments can be rented for 600 Euros per week. Most are located in near Aiguille du Midi. Beware, though! Some of these can be pretty noisy at night when pubs close and partyers come home.

Clean-up and bed sheets are usually not included (you can get all this for a few extra Euros). Bed and breakfasts start at around 90 Euros per night, while luxury hotels will usually price much higher up to several hundred Euros per night. Accomodation for job seekers may be prove difficult at first, as prices of real estate tend to be very high and make affordable long term rentals hard to find.

Why book your accommodation in Chamonix with Auberge du Manoir?

For week-long or week-end stays, nobody has time to go worry about grocery shopping, cleaning up, or cooking. Our guest wants to enjoy their time off, and spend it skiing, hiking and relaxing in the hotel spa. Our hotel is located in the city centre, within walking distance of the best restaurants. Our staff will help you discover true local culture, hire the best ski guides and advise you on which ski slope to ride for the best conditions.