Bed and Breakfast in Chamonix – Video of Auberge du Manoir


" What I loved about this project, was coming back to Chamonix. Before, we lived in a bigger city, in Annemasse. Working as a couple, being at the hotel is like being at home. We welcome guests here as if there were at our house." 

[…] I asked myself: "if I was a guest, what would I like to find in this hotel? I guess I would like guests to feel like they are opening a parenthesis in time. You know, like spending a few days in a different world, in a place that they have never seen before. Chamonix is at the edge of the word..! Like the limit of something." 

[…] Me, I grew up here. I left, and came back in 2005. It was really important for me to return. Chamonix is just exceptional. This is a city, but you can be in the wildest nature, in the forest or the mountain in only 5 minutes. Everything is right there in front of you. The beauty of landscapes is all we need. No need to looking for new horizons. 

[…] We welcome all guests personally upon arrival. We are there to help for as long as they stay. For us, they are more than clients, they are friends. We like to know them. It's more than just offering hotel rooms or serving breakfast: it's about sharing something with people. We know their habits, and sometimes we stay in touch with the families after their stay. We share their joys here, and their experiences of Chamonix. We share very precious moments of their lifes.